About the resort

Byala municipality is located in the central part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. North and northwest borders Dolni Chiflik / Varna district / s in the south and southwest of Nessebar / Bourgas region /. Its territory is 162 km2. At national level, covering 0.15% of the territory and 0.04% of the population.

The municipality includes 6 cities: Byala, Gorica, pp. Gospodinovo, Dyulino village of Popovich, pp. Samotino.

White population of the municipality on 31 December 2004 was 3356 people.
Administrative center town of Byala. The same is almost equal distance from both regional towns – Varna (50 km) and Burgas (70 km). The nearest town, a distance of 5 km, is Obzor, Municipality Nessebar.

The modern landscape of Byala municipality can be characterized as hilly. In western and northern part of the municipality covered eastern slopes of the mountain Kamchiyska. These slopes descend gently to the sea with a slope of 2 to 5%. The altitude of the town of Byala is 42 m.

The coastline of the municipality is characterized by a combination of rocky coast, small bays and beach strips with sand dunes. The coast is steep and uneven, causing severe restriction of the beach potential, but on the other hand makes it more attractive, which is a valuable tourist resource. The total length of the beach is 14 300 m or about 3% of the total length of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Most of the beaches are east, north and south exposure, which offers a more optimal conditions for the sunshine. The total length of the beach is 6244 meters, or about 16% of the total length of the beach strip, situated on the territory of Varna.